Personal Statement

Some of my Art work takes influence from my life in Russia. The processes explore different ways of working and incorporating techniques observed, photographed and documented during my life in Moscow, the South of Russia, and the Ural region. My translation of ideas, designs and imagery are used for painting , collages, 3D ceramic sculptures, photographs and films. The colours used for the sculptures and some paintings evoke the feel of Russia.


I was born in Russia. I worked as a member of a team of artists producing communist Soviet-style art until the event of Perestroika.

In England I finished a BTEC in Fine Art, a Foundation Degree in Creative Art for Employment at Staffordshire University followed by a BA HONS in Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries (Fine Art) at Staffordshire University.

I am seeking to expand my art locally and internationally using heritage and cultural influence as a vehicle for expressionism forging links between cultures via the medium of art.

My paintings and ceramic figures are instantly recognisable as being of a Russian style, through the colours and the way they are used together. Throughout my life and travels I always feel a connection to my home land. This develops my way, my art, where I pay homage to my heritage, country and its ways of life.

Formally I have already forged links between my local art community, UK artists and professional Russian artists by forming the Art International Group organising exhibitions to express diversity and understanding.

In the process of my new project I have explored mediums and methods of interacting to exhibit art work both technologically and traditionally using heritage as the fundamental link for the mediums of expression.

The endeavour of maintaining culture through art in the context of heritage is something that I have a deep affinity for, embracing my cultural background in my works through the heartfelt reaction to my diaspora from my homeland.

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