Wishes Tree

The group of women and children explored their hopes and wishes, incorporating these into a collaborative piece of art "The Wishes Tree". They used a range of media including paint, pastel, collage, photography and emulsion print.

'Hands Together'

With students at the College of Art and Technology on 29th of March 2011

Simon Mozz, Adult Essential Skills Lecturer, Shrewsbury College said, "The workshop was a great team-building exercise that offered good learning opportunities for the ESOL students.It provided a valuable environment both for new language acquisition and for the students to practise their English with other speakers from outside their class."

The final piece "Hands Together" which expresses the vision of global peace and goodwill is going to join the "Global Art Project"

Propaganda Peace Flags

On the day of the Royal Wedding Art International group was providing a workshop making Propaganda Peace Flags, using paint, stencils, other media and international symbols of peace and power.